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Whether you’re an educator looking for a platform, a company looking to cut costs, a physician looking to improve outcomes, or you yourself have diabetes - you can find your program here.

Education Program

Our Comprehensive Learning Solutions strategy presents an opportunity to enhance the learning experience using a fun, reward centered strategy.

  • Available to individuals
  • Available to private groups
  • Animation, activity, game based learning solutions
  • Reward centered
  • DSMES focused curriculum with forum and webinars
  • Fully integratable into RPM platforms

Education Program


Humans are passionately curious. We don’t accept the unknown; we ask questions, explore solutions, try and try again. This drive to know and this drive to learn is what brought about the wheel, then the car; it’s what brought man to the moon and what’s going to bring better health into every household.

If you’re an individual with diabetes looking to learn more:

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If you are: a provider of DSMES; a provider of RPMs who wants to create a gamified experience; or have any questions about how you can use our Education Program then:

Email us at: support@glucoseguards.com
Or call us at: 888-458-2649 (888-GLUCO49)

Support Program

Our Support Program offers 24.7.365 coaching through smart technology, with everything you need delivered straight to your door.

  • Available to individuals
  • Available to private groups
  • Includes everything in Education Program
  • Smart cellular enabled glucometer for automated uploads
  • 24.7.365 support for critical out-of-range readings
  • Support in the form of nutritionists, educators, behavioral therapists
  • Free refills on lancets and test strips

Support Program


Education is beautiful because it is the foundation on which a healthy and happy life can be built. With that groundwork in place, the next step is to ensure that you have the resources and support necessary to succeed. Sherlock Holmes, one of the greatest detectives with an unmatched mind, relied heavily on Dr. Watson. Humans aren’t meant for isolation. We’re learning that more and more.

If you’re an individual with diabetes looking to take advantage of these resources:

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If you are: a company or private group looking to cut diabetes related costs:

Email us at: support@glucoseguards.com
Or call us at: 888-458-2649 (888-GLUCO49)

Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Our RPM program ensures that physicians and medical practices deliver the best care for their patients in the most convenient and effective way possible.

  • Available to physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems
  • Includes everything in Education and Support programs
  • Platform includes data analysis for individual patients and practice wide demographics
  • Ensures billing codes are met

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)


Remote Patient Monitoring is a bit more complex but it is the future of not just diabetes, but all of chronic care medicine. Whether you’re a self-made, fully autonomous Doc or a colossal fine-tuned medical system, you’re in the business because it’s more than just a business and your patients are more than just patients. Patients are people with families, aspirations, and underlying medical conditions that keep you up at night, worried about whether or not you did the right thing.

You know that RPMs improve outcomes and decrease complications. The problem is, it’s too much. You can’t be on call 24/7/365 to ensure that blood glucose readings are going through and test strips are being delivered in a timely fashion. You can’t spend your time learning new software and combing through hundreds of glucose checks a day. So don’t. Offload some of that work to us. Start improving patient care while increasing your income today.

Email us at: support@glucoseguards.com
Or call us at: 888-458-2649 (888-GLUCO49)

Your Team

We are a team of PAs, pharmacists, doctors, nutritionists, diabetes health coaches, and dietitians who have teamed up to take a stand against diabetes. We are dedicated to helping people achieve healthier lives and we know that people with diabetes deserve better. We seek to empower people with diabetes in new and innovative ways in an effort to decrease the burden of cost to both patients and the United States Healthcare system while improving quality of life for our members

The Problem

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US. Nearly 100 million people in the US have a diagnosis of either pre-diabetes or diabetes and it’s estimated by the year 2050, one in every three Americans will have diabetes. Diabetes related complications are expensive and often result in unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital admissions. After diagnosis there's often a major gap in care. Clinicians tell patients to work on diet and exercise, take medications, and return in three months. Between appointments patients are often confronted with barriers to care which include financial strain, poor health literacy, and emotional distress.

The Solution

At Glucose Guards, we close the gap in care between appointments by ensuring people have access to both a dedicated support team and interactive educational modules to help empower them on their diabetes health journey. At Glucose Guards, we understand that change is difficult, but we will never discount the resiliency and capability of the human spirit. Time is our most precious resource and we believe that you deserve more.

Your Team
The problem
The solution

Comprehensive Learning Solutions

Our Comprehensive Learning Solutions strategy answers the call for more effective diabetes education by shifting from passive information dispersal to game based interactive learning. All of which are centered around a reward system.
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We believe in a comprehensive learning model that includes everything from a fully animated diabetes course to game based simulations, daily crosswords, and more. Participation in the course, the forum, the games, and overall care are linked to a reward system that includes badges, levels, and vigor. Vigor is your currency here and it can be redeemed for all kinds of prizes, from jump ropes to gift cards.

The foundation of your new course is based on the American Diabetes Care & Education Specialists 7 self-care behaviors that have been shown to improve diabetes related outcomes and includes all of the curriculum necessary to master any Diabetes Self Management Education & Support Program.

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The risk of developing type II diabetes increases with age

Healthy fats help lower your cholesterol and protect your heart

Hyperglycemia occurs when the blood glucose levels are too high

15 grams of carbohydrates is equal to 1 carb serving

Hypoglycemia occurs when the blood glucose levels drop too low

The risk of developing type II diabetes increases with age

Examples of healthy fats are avocados, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish

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